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Support and resources

This is a responsibility that we take very seriously to ensure all children are supported whether they have learning difficulties, learning disabilities, impairments, special skills and interests, or are more able in specific area of schooling.  We aim to support every child’s level of ability.

To achieve this our teachers are skilled in the delivery of programs that both support the child’s current level of understanding and application, and ensure progress is made in the context of the child’s capability.

Our school is fortunate to have an experienced Guidance Officer who works closely with staff, students and parents to assess student needs and recommend specific programs.

Our student support committee meets weekly to discuss the needs of referred students. Children receiving support are monitored and adjustments are made according to their needs.

Gifted and talented education

Extension work and specific programs are provided for our identified gifted and talented students.  Advancement programs are offered for students who demonstrate specific abilities.

Learning support

Students who experience difficulties with literacy and numeracy receive additional support coordinated by our Support Teacher Learning Difficulties Teachers.  Our teacher aides are specifically trained to support the reading, writing and number intervention programs.

Students with disabilities

Our special education program supports students with disabilities.  All students with are provided with an individual education plan to identify goals for the student and the level of support required to best cater for their needs.

Indigenous education support

Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Children is offered through specific funding. This funding supports indigenous students who experience difficulties with literacy and numeracy.

School Chaplain

Our school chaplain works with our Student Support committee to provide additional support for students as required.