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Principal's News

Published by Kylie Smith

Well-being, resilience and great mental health

As mentioned in my first couple of video blogs of the year, part of our strategic plan 2019 is to implement the Reboot program at Undurba. Through analysis of the data showing that our students could benefit from being more self-managed, resilient and adopting a growth mindset, implementing Reboot was identified as a priority. There is also good evidence in our wider community and across Australia that children’s mental health is deteriorating. At the recent state wide Principal's conference, guest speaker, Pasi Sahlberg, a leading educational researcher described a grim picture of Australian children: 40% have sleeping problems; 10% have abnormal social or well-being; 26% are overweight or obese; suicide rates of 15-24 year olds increased from 10.3 per 100 000 in 2007 to 12.7 in 2016. At Undurba, we are working with you as parents to ensure we maximise mental health and well-being of our students as we know that as well as improving health, life satisfaction and opportunities, it will undoubtedly also increase learning outcomes.

Also presented in the community section of this newsletter is a flier outlining another opportunity to access the Parenting with Heart parent course. This course was attended by a number of Undurba parents last year when Sue Attrill ran the course in a face to face version at Undurba. Many parents were disappointed that they could not make the designated times. This online option will be a great opportunity for parents with busy and varying schedules.

Have a great fortnight,


PS: under my blog I have added some images from the year 6 camp held 2 weeks ago. Despite the camp being cut short by a night and morning due to impending cyclonic weather, you can see that the students had a lot of fun!

Reboot Blog


Year 6 Camp

Congratulations to the following students who attended Principal's Afternoon Tea on 28 February, 2019:-

Ruby 2F, Evi 2A, Travis, Prep C, Ashton 2B, Lily 1B, Zoe 2D, Brandon 2C, Dylan PA, Noah B PB, Jasmine 1E, Stella 1A, Dana 1D, Jaxon PD, Cleo PE, Kahlena 3C, Billie Violet 3D, Tevita 5E, Heath 5C, Taj 6B, Imogen 5F, Lewis 6D, Tramaine 5B, Zion 5G, Maddi 6F, Natalia 6A, Leilani 6A, Oceanah 4A, Sarah 4A, AJ 4A, Millie 5D, Ayden 3A, Lincoln 3B, Luke 4D, Kharsen 6E, Connor 4C, Taj 6C

In recognition of your effort to follow our Undurba State School values of caring for yourself, others and your school and most importantly, your learning.

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Deputy Principal's News - Gaynor Williams

Published by Gaynor Williams

Have some fun at home and decorate a hat with your child if you like; you will find some very creative ideas on Pinterest. Otherwise, classes will be making their own hat creations that children can wear for our special assembly.

We respect the cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs of all of our school community members. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would prefer for your child not to participate, or if you would like them to participate in another way.

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Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) News

Published by Lauren OConnor

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) News

This term, our rule focus is I Care for Myself.  Students are continuing to participate in lessons which focus on the ways we care for ourselves at Undurba.

This week the focus lesson is I display good sportsmanship.

The children will be exploring what good sportsmanship means such as:

  • Playing fair
  • Being a good sport, not a sore loser
  • Playing by the rules
  • Being willing to accept decisions made by referees

Congratulations to the students who celebrated a successful end to cycle 1 of term 1. These children participated in a class reward activity to acknowledge their amazing commitment to consistently demonstrating the four cares at Undurba.  Children who were unsuccessful undertook an activity to revisit the four cares and develop some goals to help them achieve the reward activity next cycle.  Parents/guardians should have been notified by their classroom teacher if their child was unsuccessful.

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HUB Happenings

Published by Jen Graham

This fortnight we have professional knowledge being shared from our Year One Learning Access Teacher (LAT) Kath Woodrow.
She brings her extensive early years teaching experience to the LAT team this year and it’s been rewarding working with Kath and

assisting in the development of her support processes.

This feature article outlines the importance of being aware of the symptoms that may indicate a child has a vision problem.
Seeking professional advice from an optometrist is always recommended if you suspect your child has vision or
eyesight problems. 

Do You Know The Difference Between Eyesight and Vision?

Eyesight refers to the physical attributes and performance of the body’s visual system.
The structure and function of parts in the system can be tested and measured.
Having good eyesight does not guarantee that a person can read. Reading requires good vision.

Vision is a thought process. Vision uses information from all the senses and
combines this with information provided by eyesight. All of this is processed, linked to
memory and an image of the world or object is created.

Crossing a road uses vision. Looking ahead and left to right provides information about the distances of key objects involved.
The mind then calculates if the body has enough time to cross safely. Vision is learned through experiences and interactions,
which is why parents hold the hand of a child crossing the road.

Children assume their vision is the same as everyone else’s, so it is common for visual problems to go unnoticed. A child with
a vision problem may experience reading and learning difficulties. For parents, it is important to be aware of the symptoms that
may indicate a child has a vision problem. These symptoms may include:

  • Frequent blinking
  • Red or watery eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Frequently rubbing eyes
  • Complaining of eyes burning or itching
  • Complaining of headaches, blurred vision or double images
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Tilting or turning head noticeably
  • Often looking from the corner of the eye
  • Covering or closing one eye
  • Squinting when watching television
  • Difficulty learning to read
  • Holding a book very close to read
  • Leaving out or confusing words when reading
  • Often loses place while reading
  • Complains the words on the page move around
  • Writes crookedly with poor spacing

If parents are recognising any of these symptoms in their child, it would be a good idea to speak to the child’s teacher to see if they are noticing the same things. A child’s teacher or Learning Access Teacher can then give further advice if needed.


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Classroom News

Published by Undurba State School

News from Prep A

News from Prep B

News from 3C

News from 6A

Walter is Water Wise  

Walter was chilling in the deepest recesses of the freezer, with his BFFs, the H2Os. They were proud and happy because they were undoubtedly the most beautiful ice cube in all of Icelantica. 

He was overjoyed to be together with his friends, as tightly as a reef knot. However, Walter was getting sick of just vibrating from side to side. He was looking for fun, frivolity and fiesta. 

Just then, he began to feel a little bit warm and wanted to break away from his mates. They also seemed to have the same idea. Bumping, shoving and pushing, they began to flick each other out of their cubicle and trickle into a puddle on the kitchen floor. 

 ‘So this is what being a liquid feels like’ Walter thought to himself. 

Their surprise turned to panic when heat streaming through the kitchen window, evaporating them and turned them into gas. The temperature increased, Walter rose higher and higher. He sighed and wondered if he would ever be a solid again.


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PE News

Published by Jo Jones

This Term we have the Inter-House Cross Country Carnival (15 March), Inter-House Athletics Carnivals (1-4 April) and Pine Rivers District Cross Country Carnival (5 April).  We also have 3 PE staff in Term 1 - Mrs Jo Jones (Full time), Mr Aaron Nganeko (Full time) and Mrs Fiona McPherson (Part time).

Met North Regional 10-12years AFL Carnival - 27 & 28 February

Good Luck to Lachlan D and the Pine Rivers District AFL team at the Met North Regional AFL Carnival on the 27 & 28 February.

Pine Rivers District Swimming Carnival - 20 February

Well done to Aneka G, Imogen G, Elia B, Jack R, Taylor D and Makenzie R at the District Swimming Carnival at the Lawnton Pool on the 20 February.  Congratulations to Aneka G & Imogen G in their selection in the Pine Rivers District Swimming Team who competed at the Met North Regional Carnival on the 27 February.  Well Done everyone.

Pine Rivers District 10-12years Hockey Trials - 4 March

Good luck to Isla G 6B at the District trials on the 4 March. GO UNDURBA!

Pine Rivers District 10-11years Netball Trials - 7 March

Good luck to Sophie E at the District Trials on the 7 March.  GO UNDURBA!

Pine Rivers District 12years Netball Trials - 11 March

Good luck to Natalie C, Kayla O and Caeryn C at the District Trials on the 11 March.  GO UNDURBA!

Met North Regional 10-12years Golf Trials - 11 March

Students born 2007, 2008, 2009 who can play Golf (must have a handicap or a golf link number) and are interested in trialling for selection in the Regional team on the 11 March from 8am - 2:30pm need to see the PE staff for a nomination form before Wednesday 6 March.

Pine Rivers District 10-11years Rugby League Trials - 12 March

Good luck to Jevon I, Raven I, Tramaine M, Elijah T and Jontay N at the District Trials on the 12 March.  GO UNDURBA!

Pine Rivers District 12years Rugby League Trials - 12 March

Good luck to Ethan L, Kynan E & Xavier C at the District Trials on the 12 March.  GO UNDURBA!

Pine Rivers District 10-12years Girls & Boys Football (Soccer) Trials - 13 March

Students born 2009, 2008, 2007 who can play Football (Soccer) and are interested in trialling for selection in the District team on the 13 March from 9am - 2pm need to see the PE staff for a nomination form before Friday 8 March.

Met North Regional 10-12years AFL Girls Trials - 13 March

Girls born 2007, 2008, 2009 who can play AFL and are interested in trialling for selection in the Regional team on the 13 March from 9am - 3pm need to see the PE staff for a nomination form before Wednesday 6 March. 

Pine Rivers District 10-12years Boys Touch Football Trials - 14 March

Students born 2009, 2008, 2007 who can play Touch Football and are interested in trialling for selection in the District team on the 14 March from 9am - 1:30pm need to see the PE staff for a nomination form before Friday 8 March. 

Pine Rivers District 10-12years Girls Touch Football Trials - 14 March

Students born 2009, 2008, 2007 who can play Touch Football and are interested in trialling for selection in the District team on the 14 March from 9am - 1pm need to see the PE staff for a nomination form before Friday 8 March. 

Met North Regional 10-19years Squash Trials - 19 March

Students born 2009, 2008, 2007 who can play Squash and are interested in trialling for selection in the Regional team on the 19 March from 9am - 3pm need to see the PE staff for a nomination form before Thursday 14 March. 

Inter-House Cross Country Carnival - 15 March

On Friday 15 March the Annual Inter-house Cross Country Carnival will start on the school oval at 9am.  Please check the classroom windows and below for age group start times and maps.  For the Cross Country competition the year of birth is used to organise the age groups.  All students born the same year will compete together regardless of the grade they are in or the age they are that day of competition.  We have staggered the starting checkpoints by increasing the distance students run by 100m for each birthday the students celebrate e.g. 8th birthday this year = 800m to run.  Please help us by ensuring your child is wearing their house coloured shirt, mozzie spray & their fastest running shoes of any colour (not footy or soccer boots) on Friday 15 March.  The winner of each race will receive an age champion medal donated by Steven Miles MP.  Top 10 students for each race will receive a ribbon and all students who run the Cross Country will receive half an ice block.  Please make your classroom teacher aware if you would not like your child to have an ice block.  See you on the oval with your mozzie spray on!

Inter-House Athletics Carnivals - week 10

At Undurba this year we again have very large age groups of between 60-112 boys and girls in years 3-6 (8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 years).  As a result we would not have time to run a regular athletics competition where each student has 3 measured throws at shot put, 3 measured jumps at long jump, 3 jumps at each height in high jump and everyone runs or walks the 800m event.  To enable every student in each age group from year 3, 4, 5 & 6 to compete in every event we have created a standard group (who get points for jumping/throwing past set distances and only run the 400m) and a championship group (who have their distances measured after each turn and run the 800m) for high jump, long jump, 800m and shot put.  This Champions group is different for each event and is created at the champions trials where all interested students can compete for the 15 places in their age group.  As in previous years the Athletics Champions Trials will only be for high jump, long jump, shot put and 800m as all students will run in the 100m and 200m events at the carnival.

Athletics Champions trials:

Friday 8 March 11:20-1:20pm for 9 & 10 years (born 2009 & 2010) - Shot put, Long jump, high jump & 800m

Tuesday 12 March 1:50pm for Year 3 only 8 year (born 2011) – Shot put & 400m

Thursday 14 March 10:35pm for Year 3 only 8 year (born 2011) – High Jump

Friday 15 March 10:35pm for Year 3 only 8 year (born 2011) – Long Jump

Friday 15 March 11:20-1:20pm for 11 & 12 years (born 2008 & 2007) - Shot put, Long jump, high jump & 800m

Important Dates for your calendar:

Cross Country Carnival 8:30-10:30am Friday 15 March

Athletics Carnival (8years must be in Yr. 3 & 9years) 8:30-2:30pm Monday 1 April

Athletics Carnival (10, 11 & 12years) 8:30-2:30pm Tuesday 2 April

Athletics Carnival (Prep, Year 1 & Year 2) 8:30-1:20pm Thursday 4 April

District Cross Country Carnival Friday 5 April

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Music News

Published by Undurba State School

Upcoming Performances

Each Newsletter we will post information on our upcoming performances. At this point in time there are no scheduled performances for term 1, however this could change. Please check this space each newsletter for information.

Junior Jammers

Junior Jammers is now in full swing! All year 2 and 3 students are welcome to join Junior Jammers. If you love to sing, please come along to rehearsal on Mondays at 1st break in Miss Bryant’s room. 

Instrumental News

Our instrumental lessons are also full steam ahead with ensembles rehearsing before school. Please make sure students are on time for ensemble rehearsals. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our instrument staff.

Mrs Jenni Barnard   (Strings)

Mr Wes Flanagan (Band)

Miss Mel Jones  (Percussion)

Why learn Music?

Playing a Musical Instrument Actually Makes You Smarter

Many studies have been conducted on the effects of music on the brain. Scientists say that children who are exposed to music, or those who play an instrument, do better in school than those who don't. Recent research suggests exposure to music may benefit a child's reading age, IQ and the development of certain parts of the brain. Adults can benefit from learning to play an instrument too because it helps the mind to be alert and remain active eventually helping to sharpen the memory.

Music Teaches Discipline

Learning to play an instrument is like learning to speak another language and it can be challenging at times. One of the qualities musicians possess is discipline. You have to be disciplined in order to master playing your instrument.



Ensemble & Bands Timetable

Arrival Time Ensemble/ Band Day Ensemble/ Band Teacher
7:30am Monday Junior String Ensemble Mrs Jenni Barnard
7.40am Tuesday Percussion Drumline Miss Melanie Jones
7.20am Wednesday  Concert Band Mr Wes Flanagan
7.20am Thursday  Senior String Orchestra Mrs Jenni Barnard
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Chappy News

Published by Beck Holloway

Colour Explosion Fun Run

Chappy Pancake Breakfast

Friday 15 March

7:15 – 8:15

$2 for pancakes

$1 for a popper


Due to Cross Country also happening this day students will not be able to line up after 8:15am.


Money raised contributes to the Undurba SS Chaplaincy Service


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Community News

Published by Undurba State School
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P&C News

Published by Deb Houston


Tuckshop is open for breakfast from 8am to 8.25am.

Breakfast Menu

Pancakes $1.00

Ham and cheese toasty $3.50

Fresh fruit cup $0.60

Raisin Toast $1.00

Thursday Only Breakfast  Hashbrown $1.00

If you wish to order our Tuckshop food, we would recommend making use of our cashless, QuickCliq online purchasing system. 

Please note that orders must be made before 8.30am on the day your child wishes to receive their tuckshop order, or any day in advance.

Tuckshop Volunteers

The School tuckshop is an integral part of the school. We provide healthy food and drink choices daily to the school community for breakfast, first and second breaks. Volunteers play a vital role in the tuckshop and are warmly welcomed.

Your time spent in the tuckshop is a great way to meet other parents and to build close ties with your child’s school peers and teachers within the school. The donation of your support by volunteering your time means that we need to utilise a minimum number of paid Staff which greatly helps to keep our food costs at the lowest price.

Most importantly, it is an enjoyable day with lots of laughs. In the morning you will assist kitchen staff with the preparation of sandwiches and wraps, daily specials such as hamburgers, fruit salad and salad packs. 

Volunteers are most needed from 9am to assist with food preparation and even a couple of hours would be most helpful. Please feel free to phone Janelle on 3480 9145 or email 

Tuckshop Donations

In an effort to keep costs as low as possible, the Tuckshop would appreciate donations of

Plastic knives, forks and teaspoons. 


Self-raising flour

Caster sugar

Tin Corn

Tin Tomatoes

Wrap Bread

This is especially good for parents who would like to help out, but have other commitments during school hours.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Opening Times Term 1

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8 - 10am

Aerobics Jacket Forms, please note only members of the Aerobics Program can order jackets.

Jacket  Prices - Size 4 to 16        $53.70

                         Size Small- 3xl    $58.10

Orders Close 4th April 2019

Order on line Qucikcliq Uniform Orders


The Fundraising Committee has many exciting fundraisers planned for this year, they need volunteers to make it happen.

If you would like to be involved in fundraising please contact Debbie,

Keep an eye on the notice board near the payables window in admin for upcoming events

You can donate to the P&C using The Containers for Change Program.

Take your recycle items to Return-it @ Salvos 

Kallangur, 1473 Anzac Avenue, Kallangur

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm 

Use our Scheme ID. C10142549 to credit our account

FUNdurba Kids Club

Needing Before and After School Care?

Fundurba has increased licenced enrolment numbers and now has vacancies for all mornings and afternoons. 

Hours of Operation

Before School Care 6:30am-8:30am

After School Care: 2:35pm–6:00pm

Please contact the office further information - 3480 9129 or


P&C AGM Executive Postitions

All P&C Executive Positions become vacant at the AGM, 18 March 2019. 

Nominations will be called to fill the positions of 

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Vice President

While we have an Operations Manager and a Senior Coordinator to look after the day to day running of the P&C and Fundurba please be aware that as and Executive Committee Member you will be responsible for ensuring the P&C and Fundurba are working with in the relevant government guidelines.  Executive Committee members are expected to attend regular Executive Meetings, Fundurba Meetings and P&C General Meetings. 

As Approved Providers for FUNdurba, all Executive Committee members will be required to complete a Personal Information and Concent for Approved Providers Form.  (Authorised Person Authorisation and Information Form to comply with service policy 10.32 and 10.34) 

This give concent to conduct the following searches.

  • ASIC Person Search
  • ASIC banned and disqualified register
  • AFSA Insolvency Check
  • AFP National Police Check
  • Resume stating fitness to manage a child care service
  • PA02 - Declaration of Fitness and Propriety


Position Descriptions


The President acts as a representative of the Association, encourage communication between the Association, School administration and the community and encourage participation in the Association.

The President will be the chair of the meetings and conduct them in an efficient and timely fashion, being familiar with the rules, constitution and other documents governing Association operations. 

P&C President is not an easy job and a steep learning curve if this is your first time in the chair. It can be time consuming, frustrating, full of regulations and rules… but also very rewarding, as you help build a supportive team to lead the development of the parent voice in your school community


The Treasurer has the overall responsibility for the financial management of the Association, including all subcommittee accounts. In their role they must comply with the Accounting Manual for P&C Associations in all respects. They prepare an annual budget and Annual Operational Plan for the Association in consultation with the Association’s Executive Committee. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to keep accurate accounts of receipts and expenditure.

One of the key aspects of the role of Treasurer is managing the finances well. It is not only an important part of keeping the functions and P&C operations running, GOOD financial management is critical to ensure transparent use of funds, and monitoring how funds are used to benefit all students in the school. There are, sadly, a small minority of people who misuse the P&C funds. To avoid this occurring at your school, you will need to make sure the P&C systems are well documented, and the guidelines are followed appropriately.


The Secretary collates the agenda papers for each meeting, (including subcommittee reports) and assists the President in preparing an agenda for each meeting.

They prepare and present minutes of the Association’s meetings, record and deal with correspondence in/out as directed and generally organise, record and maintain information pertaining to the activities of the Association.

Vice President

The Vice President is a back up role for all positions with in the executive committee.


Student Banking

School banking has started again for 2019, and it’s looking like another great year.  If your child does not participate in the school banking program, or they are new to the school and want to join up, we are having an account opening morning on Tuesday 12th March (Week 7).  We will be at the front gate, so you can’t miss us.

 Every child from prep to Grade 6 can participate in the school banking program.

Term 1 Reward Items are:

Scented Stackable Highlighters or

Snowy Origami Set

For those new to school banking or not participating yet, for every 10 deposits your child makes through the school banking program, they are able to choose a reward item from selected products for that term. It helps to make banking fun and will encourage your child to develop strong regular savings habits.


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