Principal's welcome


Welcome to Undurba State School's website. At Undurba our school is the learning hub of our community. This school has an environment with caring and supportive staff, students, parents and community members.

Our vision " Empowering every learner to reach their potential and become a successful global citizen" is strongly evident. 

We work together in partnership with parents/carers and students to support children in achieving their full potential. 

At Undurba we believe that learning is a life-long process and occurs best within a supportive, stimulating and challenging environment which develops self-esteem and recognises students' individual needs and abilities. Productive partnerships involving honest communication and constructive feedback between the home, teachers and students, are essential to quality learning outcomes.

Our school motto "Aim for the best' is evident in our strong focus on every student succeeding within a supportive framework of high expectation. Undurba State School has built a reputation as a caring, high achieving school, with excellent educational opportunities, including a quality curriculum, high behaviour standards and a commitment to continuing improvement and lifelong learning. We aim to provide your child with rich and rewarding learning experiences that will lead and support them as they grow.

Undurba State School focuses on growing the whole child, with a strong emphasis on academic achievement. Extension and enrichment opportunities, special interest clubs, as well as structured support for all learners provide the platform for all students to be successful. Explicit teaching of behaviour expectations and resilience and self-management skills, in addition to an extensive array of cultural, sporting and musical opportunities complete the Undurba experience.

I am privileged to lead a team of highly professional staff, who work diligently to provide an environment which supports each and every student to reach their full potential. We explicitly measure success and progress regularly. We possess a reflective culture where regular data on achievements, progress of individual students are used to make continual judgements about the effectiveness of teaching, curriculum and make adjustments to learning programs.

Undurba signature programs including, ePAW (eLearning initiative), Positive Behaviour for Learning Program, Reboot, and Balanced Reading Program enhance the school experience, and improve learning outcomes and student well-being.

Our school community values kindness and respect. Staff members model these traits to students and families. We explicitly teach, expect and acknowledge students for treating each other and other school community members in the way they wish to be treated.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our wonderful school. I look forward to meeting you and your family and welcoming you into our school community.

Acting Principal

Angelique Kropp

Last reviewed 12 February 2020
Last updated 12 February 2020